Woodcraft Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Making crafts from wood is a fun and relaxing hobby for many, and a way to make a living for others. Wood is one of the most versatile craft materials. It can be carved, sawn, or glued together to make everything from furniture to jewellery. Woodcraft projects range from something as simple as a stick cabin to something as complex as a human bust. These tips, ideas, and strategies can help you begin creating your own craft projects from wood.

Gathering Your Tools

Simple woodcrafts can be completed using nothing more than wood and glue. But you'll need a few tools for most projects. Some tools for the casual woodworker include a carving knife, glue, sandpaper, wood stain, and paint. Advanced woodworkers might want to add a power rotary tool with carving, sanding, cutting, and engraving attachments. Furniture makers typically have a wood lathe in their shop.

Wood Crafts for Kids

One of the most popular materials for kids to work with are craft sticks. These are the same as ice cream sticks (but without the stickiness!) and can be used to make picture frames, log cabins, aeroplanes, dolls, and a number of other woodcrafts. Kids love craft sticks, and they are easy to put together as well as paint.

Balsa Wood Carvings

Balsa wood is sold in craft and hobby stores. It's a lightweight wood, very easy to carve, making it an ideal wood for beginners. Balsa can be used for carved busts, wooden jewellery, bowls and ashtrays, model ships, and a variety of other projects.

Wood Spirit Carving

Wood spirits are carvings of figures, including human ones. Many woodworkers carve wood spirits into walking sticks, furniture, or even directly into trees. Advanced woodworkers design and carve their own wood spirits for fun or as a way to earn extra money.

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