Dinosaur Skeleton Games

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Dinosaur Skeleton Games
Playing dinosaur skeleton games is one way to learn about these animals. (dinosaur image by Natalia Pavlova from Fotolia.com)

One way that children learn is by hands-on activity. Playing dinosaur skeleton games lets them indulge in a bit of fun while learning about the anatomy of these prehistoric animals. Some of these games can be played indoors and others are perfect for those times when the sun is shining and everyone wants to go outside and get a little dirty.

Dinosaur Bone Hunt

This game is good for parties or for classroom situations. Using cardboard (if playing outside) or paper, cut out various dinosaur bones and then hide them in different places. Make them large enough so they are easily visible. Let the kids look for the bones and when they find them, have them put them in a central location like a table or a spread-out blanket. When the children have found all of the dinosaur bones, have them work as a team to put the skeleton together.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Cut out four sets of dinosaur bones. Make two sets of bones that look like dinosaurs that walk on two legs, like the T-Rex. The other set could be dinosaurs that walk on all fours, like the brontosaurus. Leave the pieces loose and put each set in a plastic bag or box and label them. Give each child his own dinosaur jigsaw puzzle and have everyone start putting them together at the same time. The person who puts the puzzle together first wins. You can also have them do this in teams.

Pin the Bone on the Dinosaur

Think of this one as a skeletal version of “pin the tail on the donkey.” Draw a dinosaur outline on a large piece of poster board. It can be a T-Rex, stegosaurus or brontosaurus. Cut out some dinosaur bones. Make a leg bone, an arm bone (for T-Rex) a tail section with the vertebrae and a skull. If you want, you can get real creative and cut out rib bones or even the bony plates for the stegosaurus. Have each child pick a dinosaur bone and while blindfolded, try to pin it on the right part of the dinosaur. The winner is the one who gets her piece closest to where it belongs.

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