Hen night treasure hunt ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Hen nights, which are also called hen parties, are an evening where a bride-to-be, her bridal party, and various female friends and family members celebrate one last night of freedom. Many hen nights involve spa treatments, alcoholic beverages (be sure to designate a driver), travel, and bonding. To spice up a hen night, a treasure hunt can be a fun activity no matter what type of party you are having.


For a fun twist on the "last night of freedom" idea, make each clue a different man, perhaps one that is similar in type or looks to men the bride-to-be has dated in the past. Find four or five men to act as clue-holders, and place them in locations that signify the difficulties that the bride faced in each relationship. To keep the evening from becoming too emotional or heavy, focus on the comic rather than the serious. For example, one clue might lead to a man who is posing as an ex-boyfriend who refused to cut his hair, and another might lead to a man who dressed pretentiously even in the most casual situations. Have the final clue lead to a place that is special to the bride and her fiancé, and plant a life-size photo cutout of the groom with a list of his good qualities. The treasure hunt will end on a happy note, and the bride can carry the cutout around with her the rest of the night to pose for pictures.

Activity Clues

For a twist on the traditional means of finding clues, make each step of a treasure hunt require an activity before the clue is revealed. Tailor the activity to the bride's interests, fears, and personal preferences, and choose items that are sure to get a laugh; this ensures that guests who do not know each other well will feel relaxed. For example, one clue might require that the bride-to-be massage a strange man's shoulders before she gets the next step, sing a song while standing on a table, or execute a solo dance move in a crowded bar. Once the bride has completed her task, she gets the next clue that leads to a new place and a new activity. Be sure to document each activity in photo and video for everyone to remember the evening.

Sentimental Trail

For a more low-key, meaningful treasure hunt, write each clue so that it leads to a place or a person that can offer wisdom about marriage and love. One clue, for example, might direct the bride-to-be and her friends to the home of a couple who has been married for 40 years. The couple then imparts some of their wisdom before handing over the next clue. Other clues might lead to a book on marriage in a bookstore, to a child that offers his view on eternal love, or a cinema where a classic romantic movie is playing.

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