Table centerpiece ideas: balloons

Updated April 17, 2017

Centrepieces complete the look of a table and add to the festivity of an event. Balloons are inexpensive decorations that fill space well and are easy to put together, even at the last minute. Balloons can be made into centrepieces by using various colours, shapes and arrangements. Make a balloon centrepiece for your next event and your guests will be entertained by its sheer playfulness and simplicity.


Instead of a traditional flower arrangement create a balloon arrangement. Choose a flowerpot that fits the theme, tone and colours of your event. Then make a few balloon flowers with long balloons you twist. Place the balloon flowers in the pot and you have an instant floral arrangement centrepiece.


Give your centrepiece height with floating balloons. This works well for outdoor events and those that take place in a venue with high ceilings. Attach a weight to a bundle of helium-filled balloons. The weight keeps the balloons down while they stay together in an arrangement. For the balloons use colours that match your colour scheme or create a pattern with the balloons that will be visible when the balloons are in the air. The weight can be anything from a brick covered with a cloth or fabric to a decorative ceramic, toy or other item.

Shaped Character

Get balloons in the shape of a character. This is especially popular for children's birthday parties. Characters such as Elmo, Mickey Mouse and other cartoons are very common and can easily be found at most party stores. Blow up a character balloon and surround it with a couple smaller, plain coloured balloons. Tie down with a weight or set in the middle of a holder such as a vase where it can "sit" (as long as it's not helium filled).


Create a cluster of balloons arranged on a platter, vase or other decorative tableware. Mix up the size of the balloons and colours. Tie the ends on a piece of ribbon and wrap around the centre of the platter, vase or tape down to the surface.

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