Glue gun safety rules

Updated March 23, 2017

The University of California reports that the majority of glue gun injuries are sustained to areas of the body such as the hands and fingers. Glue guns are handy appliances that help homeowners complete minor household repairs; however, it is imperative that strict precautions must be followed at all times. Glue guns have the ability to generate extreme heat and therefore can expose users to hazardous hot glues.

Safety Inspections

Before using a glue gun the University of California states that users should read the instruction manual carefully before proceeding with a repair job. Inspect the glue gun carefully and look for any damage on the appliance’s casing. Also check that the gun’s operating switch is in working order. If the glue gun does not pass any of these inspections, notify the manufacturer immediately and do not use.

Safety Clothing and Equipment

When using a glue gun it is imperative that you protect your hands at all times. The University of California’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety urges glue gun users to wear leather or heat resistant gloves when handling the glue gun. Guns can generate heat temperatures of over 93.3 degrees Celsius so users are at an increased risk of receiving burns to the hands and fingers.

Safety glasses should be worn at all times when using a glue gun. Hot glue has been known to splatter so protecting the eyes is essential. Unprotected eyes can receive extreme burns and other serious injuries due to the hot glue.

Using the Glue Gun

While using the glue gun keep it out of reach of any flammable substances or materials. A glue gun’s heat can ignite a fire if within reach of a flammable substance. Purchase a wire or metal safety stand to rest the glue gun on when not using the gun, as a glue gun should never be rested on its side.

Do not point the nozzle of the glue gun at any person at any time. When pointing the gun at someone you could accidentally engage the trigger sending a spray of hot glue towards the other person. Never leave a glue gun plugged into an electrical socket unattended as the gun could overheat and cause an electrical fire.

Glue Gun Storage

Always store your glue gun out of the reach of young children. Before storing your glue gun ensure that it has cooled off as storing a hot glue gun can pose as a fire hazard. Do not change any nozzles on your glue gun until the appliance has cooled.

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