Toy Boat Crafts

Written by tom ryan
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Toy Boat Crafts
A few simple art supplies are all you need to build a toy boat. (colourful markers #3 image by Adam Borkowski from

Creating a toy boat craft lets children set sail on the high seas without leaving the shore. Even simple boat crafts can float, giving you or your children the opportunity to build something unique and see it take to the water. With just a few simple household objects, you can be on your way to assembling your very own schooner.

Plastic Lid Boat

Start with a wide, lightweight plastic lid, like the kind found on a margarine or yoghurt tub. Turn it upside down to form the body of your vessel. Then cut out a right triangle from construction paper or card stock--your sail needs to be heavier than regular paper. Decorate it using markers, coloured pencils, glitter and other art supplies, then punch three holes along the side of the triangle. This should be the longer side of the right angle. Push a drinking straw through the holes, weaving in and out to hold it in place--this is your mast. Stick a small ball of modelling clay into the middle of the plastic lid, then stick the bottom of the mast into the clay. Your boat is ready to go out on the water.

Shoebox Boat

If you don't like sailboats, this steamboat barge may be the craft for you. Start with an empty, open shoebox and cut small holes in the sides to serve as porthole windows. Put the lid back on the shoebox and tape it in place. Then tape construction paper or plain white printer paper on the outside of the box, so that you have a clean slate for decorating the boat--remember not to cover your portholes, though. Decorate the boat using markers and other art supplies, but don't worry about the details too much, as they may become damaged by water.

Wrap three empty toilet paper rolls in black construction paper and apply white school glue to one end of each roll. Firmly press the glued end onto the top of your boat—now it has smoke stacks. Once the glue has dried, send your boat out on an adventure.

Milk Carton Boat

Begin this craft by cutting a milk carton in half from bottom to top. Glue a smaller cardboard box, like one a bar of soap comes in, into the centre of the open milk carton. Then punch a hole in the small box--just big enough for a straw to fit in. Cut a rectangular piece of card stock about the size of a jumbo notecard and decorate it using markers or other art supplies. This piece of card stock is the sail, and it should be wider than it is tall. Punch a hold at the top and the bottom, then weave the straw through the holes and tape it in place. Stick the bottom of the straw into the hole that you made in the small box earlier. Finally, tape one end of a piece of string to the back of the boat, loop it around the top of the straw and then tape the other end to the front of the boat. This holds your mast up even in the mightiest ocean winds.

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