List of Spring Flowering Plants

Written by sarah dewitt ince | 13/05/2017
List of Spring Flowering Plants
Spring flowering dogwood tree (dogwood pink image by robert mobley from

Spring flowering plants consist of flowers, trees and shrubs that welcome the first warm weather by producing lovely blooms in the springtime. Flowering plants dress up a grey landscape with colour. Banish the chill of winter by planting spring flowers and bulbs along the sides of your front yard walkway or in your backyard garden. Dogwood and flowering cherry trees are suburb choices for home gardeners because these trees thrive throughout most of the United States.

Lilac Shrubs

List of Spring Flowering Plants
Prune your lilac bushes once or twice each year. (Flowering lilac in the city park. Novosibirsk, may 2007 image by Igor Zhorov from

Lilac shrubs are spring-flowering plants that produce fragrant blooms of pink and shades of purple. These small, compact shrubs are used to dress up walkways or backyard landscapes, or left unpruned, they can grow to form a privacy fence. Lilac bushes grow best in well-drained, nutrient-dense soil and full sunshine.

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees are robust trees that thrive in several soil types and climates across America. They enjoy full sun and produce vibrant blooms in the spring. Plant different varieties next to each other to see the contrasting flowers as spring sets in. Some hybrids produce more than one flower colour on the same tree. Dogwood foliage is dark green, and the flowers come in white, cream, light pink, dark pink and yellow.


Agapanthus, a spring flowering plant that blooms in large clusters, produces spring flowers that are funnel shaped and come in blue, white or purple. These flowers are also quite tall, reaching heights of up to 4 feet. They thrive in fertile well-drained soils and full sunshine.

Cherry Blossom Trees

List of Spring Flowering Plants
Cherry blossom trees look similar to dogwoods. (cherry tree blossom image by Tomo Jesenicnik from

Cherry blossom trees are spring-flowering plants that produce exceptional pink blooms that are set off by dark brown bark and green foliage. These trees enjoy well-drained, fertile soil and full sun. As spring continues, the flowers gradually fall off the tree until there are no more blooms. Most trees lose their blooms by late spring or early summer.

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