Tea Party Games for Women

Updated March 23, 2017

Tea parties are a genteel way for women to spend quality time with their friends while enjoying fine tea and delicate foods. Play tea party games that match the event. Forgo raucous games for spirited or even tame play. A tea party, for example, can accompany a game of bridge or canasta. Card games need not be your only options, though. Select games likely to elicit tinkling laughter and twinkling eyes.


Baby pictures enchant and intrigue. The website Old Fashioned Living provides the rules for this tea party game. Ask your guests to bring their own baby pictures to the tea party. Have them to write their names on the back of the pictures. Arrange the pictures on a board for all to see. Guests try to match baby pictures to the women in the room. You can stretch this game to include pictures of children and/or husbands.

Tea Time Trivia

The topic of tea contains sufficient trivia to keep an interesting game of trivia going at your next tea party. In advance of the party, write tea-related trivia questions on one side of small index cards. Write the answers on the other side. Place the cards in a decorative basket. Guests draw questions and try to answer them. Everybody wins Tea Time Trivia. The real prize is in the game, so every guest wins a small prize, such as a jar of potpourri or a sachet.

Design a Mug for Charity

Tea parties offer creative and altruistic game opportunities. Before the party, purchase plain mugs from a dollar store. Lay out indelible coloured markers. Invite your guests to create designs on the mugs. Ask them to sign or initial their artwork. Old Fashioned Living suggests donating the finished mugs to a local church or homeless shelter.

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