What Plants & Flowers Mean Friendship?

Written by rebecca schlofner | 13/05/2017
What Plants & Flowers Mean Friendship?
The colour of yellow in flowers as well as the ivy plant represent friendship. (Stiefmütterchen image by 666devil666 from Fotolia.com)

Flowers and plants have long been used as gifts, remembrances and decorations. You can cut the flowers and offer them singularly or as a bouquet. You also have an option of delivering a plant that can grow and bloom over time. Many plants and flowers--through their history, or because of their colour--symbolise many different things. Some of these plants or flowers stand for friendship.

True and Lasting Friendships

What Plants & Flowers Mean Friendship?
Pear blossoms can be a beautiful tribute to friendship. (Bradford pear bloom image by k9dg from Fotolia.com)

When searching for a plant to show true friendship, try an arbor vitae. Just as important, the pear blossom will show everlasting friendship. The next best thing to true love is a true friendship.

The Love in Friendships

What Plants & Flowers Mean Friendship?
Alstromeria is a sign of devotion. (Mysterious Alstroemeria image by LOA from Fotolia.com)

Alstroemerias will show your recipient how devoted you are to your friendship. A bouquet of iris indicates just how much the friendship truly means. Rosebuds, typically a sign of love, are another choice for love in friendships.

Flowers for General Friendship

What Plants & Flowers Mean Friendship?
Flowers can make thoughtful friendship bouquets. (Bouquet image by Kimprebble from Fotolia.com)

The colour yellow implies joy and friendship and is a lovely colour to complement any bouquet. Blue periwinkle could add a touch of sky to your bundle. For a perfect friendship bouquet you could include mums, snowdrops and acacia as well.

Additional Plants

What Plants & Flowers Mean Friendship?
Jade: The Friendship Plant (succulent plant image by Joann Cooper from Fotolia.com)

Along with flowers, you can also express your friendship with plants. The jade plant is also known as the Friendship Plant. Jades have small pink and white flowers symbolising friendship's joy and energy, while the green leaves show us everlasting friendship. Ivy represents the connection between friends with the twists and turns it takes as it grows.

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