Interactive whiteboard games for kids

Written by ericb
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Interactive whiteboard games for kids
Use dry erase markers t o create quick picture and word games on whiteboards. (markers image by mashe from

Whiteboards are erasable surfaces commonly used in schools. Whiteboards are also available on much smaller scales, such as refrigerator magnets and small display boards. Just like any writing surface, whiteboards don’t have to be used entirely for educational purposes. Whiteboards can be used for brain games. Whiteboard games allow writing, drawing and planning without wasting paper. A whiteboard provides a large surface for everyone to see and works well for larger groups. Whiteboard games can be played by individuals or in teams. Interactive whiteboard games are relatively free, quick and get everyone involved.

Picture What?

Picture What? is a picture guessing game and one of the most practical games to play on a whiteboard; it definitely requires interaction. Picture What? requires each team to make a series of drawings while other members of the team guess what is being drawn. This game is funny for kids because they can see how silly some people draw, especially in a rush. To play Picture What?, make a list of objects to draw according to the age group. Divide the group into two teams. Have each player take turns drawing for their team. Two "artists" can be at the board simultaneously if it's large enough. Each team will only guess what their team member is drawing. Make sure to time each picture drawing. The team to guess their drawings in the shortest amount of time is the winner. You can also do this on an individual basis and pass out a mini chocolate to the winner for each guess. Whiteboards replace paper, maintaining the game but saving trees.

Review Games

Whiteboard games make education fun. Number and word games are actually reviews of classroom material, which is especially important during vacations. To construct a review game, make a list of questions or problems that need answers. Create a number or word bank on the board with the answers. Divide the class into two teams. Have people on each team take turns pointing out answers. Have one person from each team stand with their back to the board, marker in hand. When the question is asked, the two contestants race to find the answer on the board.

Word Games

With a whiteboard and dry erase marker, interactive word games happen at a quick pace. A classic word game that will work for any age is Hangman. Taking turns, players should choose a word and create spaces on the board for each letter of the word. As players take turns guessing the letters, fill in spaces with correct guesses and draw a body part on the hangman when someone misses. Continue until someone can guess the word or runs out of body parts on the hangman. Play this game on an individual basis. Whoever guesses the word correctly gets to create the next word or phrase on the whiteboard. This game is fun anytime, but comes in handy for vocabulary review.

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