Colors That Go With Pewter

Updated February 21, 2017

Pewter, a deep grey colour, is used for a number of furniture and home goods. The neutral colour will match almost any decor, and there are certain shades that go particularly well with pewter in order to make the decorating scheme appealing.


The eye-catching quality of the colour red can be coupled with pewter in any room of the home, providing an energised ambience. If you have pewter appliances in the kitchen, using red dishtowels, rugs, or a red backsplash will make the space come alive without being too overwhelming. Using a large pewter vase in the centre of the dining room table and filling it with red roses or carnations will give the dining area a more inviting feel; a red rug underneath a pewter table is an ideal design choice as well. Basic red looks great against pewter, but deeper shades, such as crimson or cranberry, will definitely compliment pewter furniture as well; the "warmer" shades of red are ideal for decorating in the fall and winter months.


Darker hues of purple can accent pewter exceptionally red; the colour combination is somewhat unexpected, and very pleasing to the eye. Royal purple pillows will make a pewter bench or chaise modern and inviting, and throw blankets in this regal shade can be used to decorate the furniture as well. Aubergine is another rich shade of purple you may want to try when sprucing up pewter home accents; the colour includes shades of red and blue, so you can also use these sub-hues to complete the look--aubergine flowers with smaller red flowers for use as a centrepiece in a pewter vase, or blue and purple reading chairs in a bedroom with pewter walls. Purple is also the colour of transformation and enlightenment, so the accents are sure to make a big difference in your decor.


Green, the colour of growth and renewal, can be added to pewter for a cool and relaxed home decor. Painting a strip of green on pewter-coloured walls in the bedroom or bathroom can promote calmness in the area, and even changing sheets and comforters to a monochromatic green scheme can compliment pewter bed frames, vases, or reading chairs. Plants can be potted in pewter vases and can be used instead of traditional bouquets for decorating the living room or dining room. Light shades of green, such as pistachio, can be used in the spring and summer months to make home spaces lively without being too outrageous, and Kelly or hunter greens can be coupled with pewter to make a room cosier for autumn and winter.

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