"Survivor" Party Game Ideas

Written by jim radenhausen
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"Survivor" Party Game Ideas
"Survivor" party games may involve nature. (nature image by Andytani from Fotolia.com)

CBS' "Survivor" series tests contestants' resourcefulness in rounding up fire, food, water and shelter for themselves in the wilderness. While fans of the show hosting or attending a "Survivor" theme party may want to emulate some of the series' famous torch challenges, they should stick to safer, fire-free games that capture the spirit of the reality competition.

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Build A Shelter

Using nature's materials such as leaves, logs and twigs, players compete to build a shelter, with a leader setting dimension requirements. To win, a player's shelter must meet sturdiness requirements, standing and surviving for at least 10 minutes without collapsing.

Fish For Dinner

With food essential for survival, party guests try pretending to catch fish. A leader puts wire hoops on cardboard fish, empty cans and old boots and places them in a large cardboard box. For fishing rods, the leader attaches wire hooks with thick string at the end of large sticks. The leader establishes a target number of points to win the challenge. Players take turns fishing, with each getting one minute to fish. If players catch a can or boot, they lose half of their points. The player reaching the target number of points, or scoring the most points, wins.

Race For The Rainbow

Two teams collect outdoor items matching each colour of the rainbow and place them in a plastic bag. Each item counts for only one colour. The first team that finds items matching each rainbow colour wins.

Skin the Fish

After dividing into two teams, players race to peel off--or "skin"-- foil wrapped around a chocolate fish. The team that "skins" and eats the most fish in five minutes wins.


Players jockey for survival as they try to knock opponents off platforms. On a soft surface and 6 to 12 feet apart, a leader sets up two 4- to 10-inch-tall tree stumps or upside-down milk crates, laying a 30-foot-long rope between the platforms. Standing on their platforms, players pull or relax the rope and try getting their opponents to lose balance and step off their platforms.

Stranded On An Island

Sitting in a circle, players use knowledge and memory skills to survive elimination. The first player says the line, "If I were stranded on an island, I would hope to have...." and names an item beginning with "A"; for instance, an axe. The next person repeats the full line, the "A" word and adds a word starting with "B." Play continues with each player repeating the line and the words that preceded him, while adding a word starring with the next letter in the alphabet. Players failing to recite all words exit the game, with the last player remaining in the circle winning.

Survivor Ball Bounce

After dividing into two teams, each team member grabs an edge of a blanket or towel. With a beach ball resting in the middle of the blanket, teams lift their blanket and bump the ball into the air without letting the ball touch the ground. The team scoring the most "bumps" in an allocated time frame wins.

Survivor Water Challenge

Two teams compete to fill a bucket with the most water in this challenge. A leader puts a basin with water on each team's start line, and places a bucket at a finish line. Filling a buff bandanna with water, the team bringing the most water to the bucket at the finish line wins.

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