Tips to Cover Dishwasher Racks

Updated April 17, 2017

Dishwashers are susceptible to wear over time, but the removable racks are often the first to go because of the constant exposure to harsh dishwasher solvents and water. Solvents can strip the vinyl coating off the rack, leaving its metal base exposed. Water begins to erode the metal base, leaving rust to form on the rack and its prongs.

Electrical Tape

Liquid electrical tape is used to recoat and cover rusted dishwasher racks. Anywhere you see rust, apply electrical tape to the rack that is similar to its colour. Electrical tape is an effective method of covering dishwasher racks, because its flexible coating hardens right away and protects the rack from water and dishwasher soap that can weaken the vinyl enamel.

Tray Caps

Buy tray caps that you can easily slip on top of each prong to keep rust residue from sticking to your dishware. These caps--also called Guardcote caps, can be purchased from an appliance depot or from your dishwasher’s manufacturer.

Recoat Prongs

Invest in rack coating to cover rust on racks. Begin by using wire cutting pliers to cut off the rack’s prongs that are rusted. Use a medium grit sandpaper to expose the bare metal underneath. Apply dishwasher rack coating, available at appliance stores or from your dishwasher’s manufacturer, and paint the prongs with it to cover its bare ends. Get complete coverage by turning the rack upside down and dipping each prong in a bottle of coating. Allow the rack to dry for 24 hours before use.

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