Husky Grooming Tools

Updated April 17, 2017

The husky has a double coat, consisting of a soft undercoat and an outer coat, made up of guard hairs. Once or twice a year, in the spring and fall, a new outer coat coming in, pushes out the woolly undercoat. The result is profuse shedding, also known as “blowing the coat.”

Huskies are not fond of being groomed, but if you expose your young husky to short, fun grooming sessions using the proper tools and offering treats and praise along the way, your dog may learn to enjoy grooming time.

Metal Comb

Running a wide-toothed comb, with rounded teeth, through your dog's coat, will help break up snags and remove loose, dead hair. Work out knots slowly, a little at a time, using the comb and your fingers. Be sure not to pull the fur, and if your dog protests, take a break.

Bristle Brush

Once the combing is complete, use a bristle brush, featuring long bristles that reach through the fur to the skin. Brush the coat forward, over the head and shoulders, before brushing it back. Then, brush the rear and back areas in the direction of natural growth.

Huskies with regular coats do not usually become matted, but long coated huskies, do mat, and require frequent brushing.

Shedding Blade

According to Aruff Ranch's article on "Grooming The Siberian Husky," the "shedding process usually takes from three to six weeks, with a new coat growing in during the next four to six weeks." During the active shedding period, you may need to groom your dog daily, and a furminator-style shedding blade can be an effective tool for removing large clumps of loose hair.


Try a coat rake after you have removed much of the matted fur from your dog. One method for using a rake is to start at the dog’s head and brush in short strokes against the natural lay of the dog's coat. Pull up a little fur at a time from under your hand, as you continue working with the rake, toward the back of the dog. Many different types of rakes are available, and some have rotating tines that make removing or loosening the dog's undercoat more comfortable.

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle filled with water and a little conditioner will help detangle your husky's hair as you groom it. Spraying a fine mist of the water and conditioner mixture, while brushing, will loosen knots, reduce uncomfortable pulling and prevent hairs from breaking. Products used to detangle horses' manes and tails are effective on huskies' coats and "a seam ripper can be a useful tool in getting burrs out of the coat," according to Janet Elliot's "Siberian Grooming 101", a shedding survival guide for new husky owners.

Blower or Dryer

According to The Husky Spot, some husky owners recommend investing in a high-velocity dryer or "a force grooming dryer that blasts water, dirt, debris, loose undercoat, etc. out of the coat for extremely fast drying and helping remove undercoat during shedding periods." The dryer is helpful not only after bathing your dog, but it makes removing undercoat between baths much easier. Lightly wet your dog’s coat with a spray bottle of water or with a hose, and then blow out the loose fur with the blower. This method takes much less time than brushing.

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