Mice Repellent Remedies

Written by krystal miller
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Mice Repellent Remedies
House mice are usually brown or grey in colour. (mouse image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com)

House mice are considered one of the most bothersome pests in the United States, according to the Illinois Department of Health. Mice are excellent climbers and possess a good sense of smell, touch and taste. They will contaminate the surfaces of anything they climb on with their faeces. Look into mice repellent remedies to keep these pests away from your home or property.

Food Supply

One of the most important things to do to keep mice away is remove any food source they can get to. Make sure all food is in tightly sealed containers or bagged. It is best to put food-containing plastic bags in a hard container, as mice will chew through plastic bags. Keep these products out on low cabinets, because low cabinets only make easier access for mice.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves may be purchased at any grocery stores and used as a mouse repellent. Just sprinkle the bay leaves around your kitchen pantry to keep them away. The mice do not like the smell of the leaves.

Steel Wool

Once you locate where the mice are coming in the house at, use steel wool to plug the hole. Mice have trouble chewing through steel wool and usually will not bother trying.

To find out if mice are coming in through a certain hole, sprinkle some baby powder or flour in front of the hole and see if there are mice tracks the next day. This will help determine their access point.


You can purchase mothballs at most retail stores; place them in your kitchen pantry, garage, shed, drawers and other storage spots as needed. Mice do not like the smell of mothballs and will go elsewhere.


Mint plants planted outside your home will keep mice away, as these pests do not like the smell of mint. Inside your home, sprinkle mint leaves in your pantry or around your home. Make sure to always use fresh leaves, because mint leaves will lose their smell after awhile.

Repellent Spray

Mix together 1/2 cup of soap detergent, 1 tbsp of Tabasco and one gallon of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray around the outside of the house, the garage and shed to deter mice.

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