Stall decorating ideas

Written by vera leigh | 13/05/2017
Stall decorating ideas
Decorate your stalls with a wreath for the holidays. (Christmas wreath image by William Berry from

If you have a stall--such as a horse's stall or a beautician's stall--consider decorating it for the holidays or special events. A stall is essentially a small booth that a person or animal occupies for a specific reason. Show the personality of the stall's owner with a few simple decorations.

Horse's Stall

Decorate a horse stall for a holiday or special event with a customised banner. The banner can bear the name of the horse, the farm you own, or a special message for those visiting your horse in his or her stall. Dress up the stall door for a holiday such as Christmas by hanging an evergreen wreath with a horse-themed bow on the door. Just be sure to hang the wreath where your horse cannot eat it.

Beautician's Stall

Beauticians rent stalls at salons, so you will want to check with the salon owner to make sure your decorations are within the limits of the salon. Decorate the mirror frame of your stall with stickers that display graphics and messages about beauticians. You can tape the stickers on the frame so that you do not damage it. Sticker messages available through companies that cater to stylists include, "I Tease" and "Trust Me, I'm a Beautician." Keep extra stickers on hand to give to clients.

Trade Show Stalls

If you attend trade shows to sell products, decorate your stall. Order a customised tablecloth to fit the dimensions of your stall's table. The tablecloth can feature your company's logo, name and slogan. Use a glass or plastic display cases as decoration to display your company's products.

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