Moleskine Alternatives

Updated April 17, 2017

Moleskine is a brand of famous notebooks, sketchbooks and varying types of journals which have been used by artists, travellers, intellectuals and other creative individuals for decades. Their look is characterised by a spine which allows the book to lay open flat, an elastic fastener around the pages and ivory coloured, smooth paper with rounded edges. Although these books are highly sought after due to their famous name, there are many alternatives which have just as much quality.

The Anything Book

This book can be used as an idea book, travel log, journal and even an diary. This book has a faux leather cover that comes in black, red, blue and green and is composed of 160 ruled pages. The paper in the book is a heavier alternative to that found in a Moleskine, and has no problems absorbing ink. These books tend to run cheaper than the Moleskine.

The Ciak

While the Moleskine has a devoted following, the Ciak has its own as well. Those who are comparing notebooks or sketchbooks would be wise to give this one a try. You can find the Ciak at bookstores such as Borders in the US, or at the UK version of Amazon online. It comes in an array of colours and is held closed with a black elastic band just like the Moleskine. The Ciak has a customisable design and fits easily into a pocket or purse.

CR Gibson

From simple spiral journals to deluxe personal journals, CR Gibson offers a line of journals and notebooks designed to fit your needs. The bound personal journals come in a large variety of colours and designs and range anywhere from £4.80-$15.00 on their website, as of July 2010. These journals are composed of an acid free, lignin free paper that is easy to write on and absorbs ink very well, while holding up well over time. The spiral notebook also comes in a variety of designs and colours and comes with regular stock paper.

Circa Notebooks

Circa Notebooks offers a large variety of notebooks that are easily personalised. You can purchase notebooks with everything from simple translucent covers to elegant leather-bound options. They run anywhere from £13-$180, as of July 2010, and offer a variety of paper options as well, from ruled to grid.

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