Curtain Tie Back Ideas

Written by carmel perez snyder | 13/05/2017
Curtain Tie Back Ideas
Traditional tassles can be used as tie-backs, but think creatively to find new ways to tieback your curtains. (luxury curtain image by Andrejs Pidjass from

Curtain tie-backs serve a purpose, pulling curtains or drapes aside to allow air flow or light to come in through a window. But tie-backs don't have to be boring same-colour strips of matching fabric. Think creatively and use tie-backs as part of your decor. From formal to funky, curtain tie-backs can define your style.

A String of Beads

Curtain Tie Back Ideas
Strings of beads make great curtain tie-backs. (necklace image by blacklight from

Beads, from shiny crystal-like and soft pastel plastic to larger wooden or glass beads are a fun way to tieback curtains. String the beads on beading thread or wire for smaller beads or thin rope or yarn for larger beads. Use colours that work with your decor. For a quicker beading tieback, buy inexpensive bead necklaces, the kind without a clasp, and two matching "broaches." Loop the bead string around the curtain, bringing both ends together. About three inches from the ends, pin the broach around both strings of beads. Be sure to pin the broach high up enough to keep the tie backs on the curtains.

Antique Doorknobs

Curtain Tie Back Ideas
Use antique or recycled doorknobs to hold back curtains. (antique doorknob image by John Keith from

Antique doorknobs make unusual curtain tie backs that create interest in a room. Find matching or similar knobs and attach to wall near window. Simply use the knobs to hold the curtains back. New knobs made of glass or have interesting designs also work well as curtain tie-backs.


Curtain Tie Back Ideas
Inexpensive bandannas make quick curtain tie-backs. (Bandannas image by Jim Mills from

Inexpensive bandannas come in a variety of colours and prints these days. Use a traditional red bandanna for a western=themed child's room. A bandanna with skulls or guitars can be used to put the finishing touches on a pirate or a rock 'n' roll themed room. Scour dollar stores, fabric or hobby stores to find bandannas that fit your decor. Fold into a rectangle, then tie ends together. Use wall hook to hold the knot and tie back the curtains.

Feather Boa

Curtain Tie Back Ideas
Use feather boas to tie back curtains in a girl's room. (Heart of feathers image by Tatiana Vasyutina from

Add some glitz to a girl's room, by looping a small feather boa around curtains as tie-backs. Many hobby stores or party stores carry inexpensive shorter boas that you can buy in a variety of colours. Tie the boa loosely to prevent breakage or knots.


Curtain Tie Back Ideas
Belts add a funky touch in a room when used as curtain tie-backs. (Belts image by Jim Mills from

Belts are great to use as curtain tie-backs because you have ready made loops to tighten the belt. An inexpensive leather belt looks great as a tieback in a western-theme boy's room. Look at thrift stores or garages sales for belts that work with your decor and add some interest as tie-backs in a room.

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