Types of School Accidents

Updated February 21, 2017

Schools are supposed to be safe areas of education for your children. Sometimes, however, accidents cannot be avoided and children can be hurt. You should understand what types of accidents your children may face. You can then take steps to make sure your child is safe at all times.

Playground Accidents

Recess is supposed to be a fun time for children, but many accidents can occur on the playground. Children playing on monkey bars or other high playground equipment can slip and fall off, especially during wet and cold seasons. They may simply lose their grip and fall. Children are also prone to injuries sustained during trips and falls. This is especially true if there are uneven areas such as hills or dips. These types of falls usually cause minor injuries, but they do occur. More serious accidents occur when children play roughly. Football games on the playground can cause injuries, especially if children are playing tackle football. These types of rough games can also lead to student confrontations, where fighting can cause a serious problem. If the causes of these types of accidents are not dealt with by the school, they may continue to occur regularly.

Transportation Accidents

Children must be transported to and from school and all school activities, and many accidents can occur during transportation. A student may trip getting on or off the bus and injure herself. A student may trip or be tripped on purpose while walking down the aisle. Rough driving by the bus driver may dislodge a student from his seat and throw him to the floor. Rough driving includes driving too fast over rough roads or taking corners too quickly. A bus driver could get into a traffic accident while driving the bus. Traffic accidents can be caused by poor driving or being distracted by rowdy children. A bus driver who isn't carefully monitoring the students may leave them open to accidents, such as physical confrontations.

Sports Injuries

Sports are a lot of fun for many students but the participants are especially prone to accidents. This is also true in gym class, where many of these same kinds of accidents can occur. A student playing a sport such as baseball can be struck by a fast-moving ball. Pitchers often accidentally or purposefully hit players and this can be a major cause of pain. Students can also have an accident while sliding into a base. This manoeuvre can cause scrapes and bruises but can also cause more-serious injuries if not performed correctly. A player playing rugby or football may be accidentally injured during a tackle. Playing on uneven fields can cause a player to twist his ankle in a depression in the ground. Protective gear can help prevent many of these accidents. However, players can break bones and inure their necks or spines in sports accidents regardless of the equipment used.

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