Ideas Using Ivy & Lights for Wedding Decorations

Updated February 21, 2017

Ivy is a beautiful and simple wedding decoration. You can purchase artificial ivy strands at a craft or hobby shop to add greenery to an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony. Combine the ivy with twinkle lights for a magical look. Battery powered lights are safer and more convenient to use and you won't have to deal with long cords.


Ivy and lights look beautiful draped over an arch. If you use a plain wire arch, thread the ivy and lights through the openings down to the bottom of the arch. If you're using a chuppah, lay the ivy and lights on top. For an arch that is pointed on top, hang ivy from the point and attach it to the sides. Thread lights throughout the arch.

Church Decor

Ivy is the perfect way to spruce up the church if you are having an indoor wedding. Drape the ivy and lights around the altar, or loop garlands of ivy around balconies. Thread ivy and lights through staircases or along the bottom of stairwells. You can also create a "runway" by laying ivy down in lines leading up to the altar. Lay the lights on top of the ivy, or use the lights to decorate potted plants around the altar.


Use ivy garlands and lights to decorate the reception area. Twirl ivy around candelabras and weave lights throughout the ivy. Place them on the table to provide romantic lighting for the reception. Or, run garlands of ivy wrapped around strings of mini lights over the gift table or around it. Use lights to line the dance floor. If you have an outdoor reception with a gazebo, decorate the gazebo with lights and ivy.

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