List of electrician's tools

Updated April 17, 2017

Electricians specialise in many different areas. Whether it involves installing new electrical sockets, wiring a new home or working with circuit boards, they all use the same standard tools.

Hand Tools

Electricians still use some of the same hand tools that have been around for decades. Pliers, wire strippers and screwdrivers are in the tool belt of every electrician. They need both Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers in order to remove electrical socket covers and wire caps and screws. Regular and needlenose pliers are important to an electrician in pulling electrical wires and cables and in tightening and loosening nuts and wire caps. Wire strippers are necessary when connecting and bundling electrical wires. Wire strippers allow an electrician to remove the protective coating of a wire so that it can be properly connected.

Power Tools

Two types of power tools that are most commonly used by electricians are drills and saws. Electricians need to drill holes in wood, drywall and concrete on a regular basis in order to run electrical wires. Cordless drills allow an electrician to work in any area of a home or commercial building without being restricted by extension cords. Saws are also important. Electricians often need to cut holes in drywall and wood for electrical sockets. Saws are also used to cut through concrete walls and floors. Common saws used by electricians are circular, reciprocating and band saws.

Circuit and Voltage Testers

Electricity can kill, so an electrician needs to be sure that where he is working is safe. Circuit testers and multimeters are essential tools. Circuit testers tell an electrician whether a particular circuit is grounded properly. A multimeter measures volts, current and resistance. This tool allows an electrician to determine whether circuits are safe and wired properly. A multimeter not only keeps an electrician safe, but keeps homeowners and business owners safe by helping to diagnose potential electrical problems.

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