Screw-in Steel Tips for Darts

Updated April 17, 2017

When darts came to America from England all darts had steel points. This let the darts pierce wooden, paper or sisal dart boards. Many dart venues have converted to plastic tip darts and electronic dart boards. However, steel tip dart boards are still favoured for play in many areas. If you have soft tip darts, you can convert to screw-in steel tips and be equipped to play on either kind of dart board.

Fixed point screw-in tips

Fixed point screw-in tips are frequently referred to as conversion points. That's because they were created to convert soft tip darts to steel points for use on dart boards other than the electronic boards. Wisely the manufacturers of darts have settled on a basic thread mount for darts so every soft tip dart can be converted to a steel point. Using a special tool, soft points are removed from the dart barrels and replaced with steel points. The screw-in points consist of two parts. These are the threaded mount and the steel point which is inserted in the threaded mount and fixed in place with a permanent bonding agent. Dart retailers sell the conversion points in packets of three points. The mounting tool is sold separately.

Movable point screw-in tips

Steel point darts often strike the soft wire web on the face of the board and bounce out. If you wish to reduce that possibility you should select screw-in steel points that employ a movable steel point. The action of the dart striking the board is much like a hammer driving a nail. The extended point is held in place by a spring collar. When the dart strikes the board, the weight of the barrel slams forward and drives the steel point into the dart board. If you dress the movable point with a conical stone, the slightly rounded point will slide from any web wire struck and enter the dart board. Darts that bounce out of the board do not count in scoring.

Fixed or movable?

So, which type of screw-in tip should you use? If you play a high percentage of your dart games on electronic dart boards it will be less expensive for you to use fixed point conversion tips for your darts. On the other hand, if a high percentage of your darts play is on non-electronic dart boards you should give strong consideration to the movable points. Many dart retailers offer a throwing lane for testing and trying various dart setups. They can help you choose the best screw-in steel points for your darts.

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