Types of Orange or Yellow Perennial Flowers

Updated February 21, 2017

Orange and yellow perennials make a dynamic statement in your garden and they create a bright and vivid landscape. Make them the centrepiece of the garden, or use them to line deeply hued flower beds. Plant bright heleniums or stunning coneflowers to create a welcoming garden atmosphere.


The tough coneflower thrives throughout North America. This flower comes in a wide range of colours, including deep orange and pale yellow. Plant coneflowers in full sun or partial shade. Coneflowers are hardy in drought, which makes them ideal for many gardens.


Anthemis, also known as marguerite and chamomile, produces dense, bright-yellow flowers. These flowers do best in full sun and well-drained soil, and they are fairly resistant to drought. Cut athemis back when the flower production starts to slow, as this causes the plant to grow thicker and bushier.


Helenium produces vibrant-orange, late-summer blooms that are shaped like daisies. Stake these plants in order to keep them upright and cut them back in early spring to promote bushier growth. Helenium is also known as sneezeweed and Helen's flower.


Irises are tall, loosely petalled flowers that come in a range of colours that includes orange and yellow. There are miniature irises that range from 6 to 10 inches tall and tall varieties that grow over 40 inches in height. While some varieties bloom only in the spring, other varieties bloom again in the summer or early fall months.


Coreopsis produces round, yellow flowers that grow best in well-drained soil. They thrive when they have access to full sun. Once they are established, coreopsis plants are resistant to drought. Cut the blossoms off at the base of the stalk when they start to fade to keep the plant blooming for an extended period of time.

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