Crafty Ideas for Antlers or Deer Horns

Updated November 21, 2016

Male deer, also called bucks, shed their antlers once a year, according to Professor Paul D. Curtis of Cornell University. The antlers are shed anytime from the winter to the spring, but young bucks may not shed their antlers until slightly later in the spring. City officials in Pinedale, Wyo., suggest calling the Game and Fish Department or land management agency for the property in the city and state you want to use to scout for antlers in April or May to determine if you can legally take antlers from that specific piece of land. When you have found appropriate land, put on a pair of comfortable shoes to begin your search for antlers you can turn into an array of decorative crafts.

Candle Holder

Deer antler candle holders are unique tabletop items that work well in a variety of room themes. Set the antler with either the points facing up or resting on the table. Consider choosing the method that is the sturdiest so you do not have the risk of the antler tipping over with lit candles. Attach candle holders of your choice, which includes tea light and candle stick holders, in the locations you want. Set the deer antler candle holder on your desired tabletop before you light the candles. Leaving the antlers in the condition you found them, other than cleaning them a bit, is suitable for rustic and country room themes, but painting the antlers black, grey or white prior to attaching the candle holders turns it into modern decor

Table Stand

Use one large deer antler or a group of them to create a side table stand. Similar to the candle holder, you can choose if you want the points facing up or down, or if you use a group of antlers, select a variety of directions. Placing a glass tabletop on top of the antler stand allows you to see the decorative base from different angles and helps the table fit into more room themes. Adding a wood tabletop suits log cabin homes and hunting-themed rooms.

Shelving Decoration

Place deer antlers on large wood shelving brackets to add a distinctive element of design. Attach the antlers to the brackets any way you want, but have at least a portion of each antler touching the bottom of the shelf so it appears that the antler is providing some support to the shelf. This design technique helps make the shelf, bracket and antlers look like one element.

Door Handle

Add deer antlers to a wood door as handles. Attach a full antler so the points rest against the door and the antler arches away from the door. This method makes portions of the antler easy to grab like a standard door handle. Attach straight antlers or small pieces of an antler to a door so it is set a few inches away from the door and you can easily grip it.

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