Careers in Media Psychology

Updated April 17, 2017

Media psychology is a new rapidly growing field in psychology established to lend support, research and expertise of human psyche and behaviour to various outlets of media and entertainment. Career potential in the field of media psychology is broad and is currently in its defining stages. Media psychology professionals project limitless opportunity in this field due to the constantly growing advancement of our world's technology and increased human involvement with--and access to--media technologies.

Media Psychologist

A master's or PhD in media psychology will enable you to become a media psychologist. State licensing and certification for this field is not required, unless you plan to perform clinical services and counselling to human subjects. Dr. Pamela B. Rutledge of the Media Psychology Research Center suggests acquiring the knowledge specific to your field of choice through experience and/or education to go along with your knowledge of human behaviour and psychology. You will need to master both subjects. For example, if your interest is to work as a consultant or researcher in the gaming industry, it will help you to gain experience through an entry level position in the gaming field while pursuing your postgraduate education in media psychology.

Media Consultant

A master's or PhD in media psychology will enable you to become a media consultant for creative directors and producers of works made for television, the Internet, gaming and education. Your knowledge of cognitive, developmental, cultural and positive psychology--coupled with the understanding of the technological components for production in your field of interest--will make you a valuable asset to movie, television and Internet producers concerned with producing positive works with an accurate depiction of human life circumstances and cultural environments.

Marketing Director

A master's degree in media psychology coupled with education and experience in the field of marketing will qualify you to become a marketing director for a wide variety of businesses and industries who utilise television and Internet to market and brand their products and services.

A media psychology education will provide you with a deeper understanding of the minds of consumers than the traditional track toward becoming a marketing director. Social networking is an area that is covered deeply within the education of media psychology. You will be responsible for staying abreast of marketing trends, competition and applying your media psychology education to help produce effective branding for organisations.

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