Kids' Activities Involving First Aid

Updated April 17, 2017

Teaching your child first aid basics is worth the effort. It is reassuring when a youngster has the skills to react and perform when medical situations occur. A good way to prepare your child is to initiate kid's activities involving first aid. With enough exposure in a game setting, your child will gain information that could be helpful when she needs it.


An activity to make sure your child can say her name, address and phone number is a cheering game called NAP, suggested by the Bright Hub website. You say, "Let's do the NAP cheer!" Then you yell out the word "name" and your child says her name. Repeat with "address" and "phone" until the responses are automatic. Play the game at home and in the car. Give positive responses when your child responds loudly and clearly.


Another activity uses first aid-kit flashcards, proposed at Becky's Guiding Resource Centre. Prepare a set of picture cards with things that belong in a first aid kit and things that do not. Have your child pick out the items that belong in the kit and put them in a pile. The next step is to explain how to use them. The other items go into another pile.

Emergency Calls

A useful first aid game is a role-playing activity about emergency 911 situations adapted from the Bright Hub website. Use stuffed animals, dolls and mock telephones as props. Create an accident that causes a toy to fall down and get "hurt." Demonstrate dialling 911 on the toy phone or old cell phone. Next, give calm details of the accident. Give the child a turn to mimic your actions. Once she learns this skill, expand the game with you acting as the 911 operator. The next option is to reverse roles. Make sure the child knows not to call 911 on a real phone unless it's an emergency.

Minor Injuries

Play doctor-and-patient games to teach your child about treating minor injuries. Use a toy doctor's kit with basic first aid supplies to treat pretend cuts, scrapes and bumps. Start with you being the doctor and then reverse roles. Model administering and receiving the correct treatment for the ailment in a calm and playful setting.

Feel for First Aid

After your child has some awareness of first aid supplies, play a game called "First Aid Feel," from Becky's Guiding Resource Centre, which involves putting single first aid items into socks. Have the child feel the item in the sock and tell you its name. If she's correct, ask the purpose or use of the product. If she's wrong, explain how and when to use it.

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