Front door entrance ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A front entrance makes your house's first impression. It is the first place guests will see when visiting. Coordinate the entryway decor to complement or match the rest of your house. The door is your centrepiece so don't leave it out of the picture. A brightly coloured door can brighten a dull house.

The House

Take into consideration the design and decor of your home. If there are Romanesque columns out front you may want stay away from a contemporary entry decor. Also consider factors of your home that you wish to accentuate. If you are proud of your front yard then bring it onto the porch with flowers and potted plants.


Art and furniture are a good way to welcome guests while simultaneously expressing yourself. Light fixtures can add night time comfort and safety as well as style. One centred light fixture above the door is traditional and functional. Or you can consider smaller light fixtures attached to the walls or the planks of a porch, perhaps lights that lead to the door from a walkway.

The Door

The door is not to be ignored when designing an entryway. It's what your guests are staring at as they wait for you to answer; it's what they are looking for as they approach. A brightly coloured door can really lighten up a dull house with its refreshing burst of colour. If you have a contemporary design a fun flashy door with round windows may speak to you. A thick wooden door is intimidating and may deter criminals from trying to break in through it.


Windows allow you to see who is knocking. Bevelled glass is a classic and common feature. Consider interesting shapes; round or diamond shaped windows add touches of creativity to an entry space. Stained glass is also a popular front door feature and will disperse colour through the interior of your home.


Remember that the interior entryway will be a stopping off point for yourself and guests. A coat rack and shelves rarely go unused in a space like this, particularly if it is a small space. You may also want to provide furniture to allow your guests to sit if they are asked to remove shoes. You can bring a bit of outside in and place potted plants in an entryway window. The green foliage through glass is quite welcoming and a great way to show off decorative house plants.

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