Unusual flower container ideas

Fresh flowers add colour and interest to an otherwise dull room. The problem is finding the right container for them. Many companies now charge extra to deliver flowers in a vase, and you may find that you don't have a suitable one in your house. You might be tired of traditional flower vases, and want a more unusual container to display your expensive fresh or artificial flowers.

Cinnamon Stick Vase

Make your own cinnamon stick vase by gathering a large number of cinnamon sticks. Use a hot glue gun to coat the outside of a small terra cotta pot and then press the cinnamon sticks into place, one at a time. Wrap a large piece of ribbon or raffia string around the cinnamon sticks and tie closed. Round pots work best, but you can use any size you need to fit your flowers.

Leaf Vase

The wrapping technique works well with any type of large leaf. Cover the outside of a pot with double sided tape, pressing down firmly on the surface of the container. Remove the other side of the tape and gently press the leaves onto the tape. Wrap a small piece of ribbon or twine around the leaves and tie in a knot. Alternatively, place the leaves inside a tall, glass vase. Press the leaves against the glass and place your flowers in the middle.


Use any type of old cooler as a container for your flowers. Drill small holes in the bottom of the cooler and fill with potting soil before adding the flowers if you plan on using the cooler outside. Smaller coolers are better suited for indoor spaces and won't require drill holes in the bottom. Simply fill the cooler with fresh water and add your flowers.


Use an old funnel, even one you previously used in your garage, to display artificial flowers. Both plastic and metal funnels work. You may paint the funnel in a new colour. Poke a hole in one end of the funnel before adding the flowers. The small tube of the funnel is large enough to hold your flower stems, while the larger open space, lets your flowers hang out and breathe. Push a thumbtack through the hole in the funnel, to attach it to the wall.


For larger flowers, use an old fishbowl, particularly the old-fashioned round ones. Layer a small amount of gravel or sand in the bottom of the fishbowl. Fill with water and your favourite fresh flowers. If you feel whimsical, place a few fishbowl decorations, including a sand castle, into the bowl. Arrange the stems of the flowers around the pieces so they're visible to others.

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