Funeral Flower Arrangement Ideas for a Race Car Fan

Updated February 21, 2017

Traditionally, funerals have been sombre occasions of mourning. However, in more modern times, funerals have turned into events honouring the life lived and moments loved of the deceased. Traditional floral arrangements have given way to themed arrangements. For the loyal racing fan, a funeral arrangement representing the sport they enjoyed is an appropriate remembrance of the person they were.

Checkered Flag

In racing, the checkered flag symbolises the end of the race. This concept can be translated into a funeral arrangement as a representation of the end of the life of the fan. The arrangement is made of black and white flowers arranged into larger squares on a rectangular shape. Add a banner of ribbon with the deceased's name, birth and death date. Add a race-related saying to the ribbon, such as "His race is run" or "A winner in life." Add a picture of the deceased wearing his favourite race-related hat or shirt to the centre of the arrangement. Other appropriate pictures include shots of the deceased with race cars or even a picture of his favourite race car or racing team.

Team and Racing Logos

The majority of race fans have a favourite racing team or racing organisation. Create an arrangement with the team's name spelt in flowers. Use the number from the deceased's favourite car within a simplistic round arrangement. Add a banner with a related phrase such as "Fan for life and beyond" or "Eternal fan." Attach photos of the deceased wearing racing team gear, pictures of a specific race car, victory photos of the racing team, or the deceased's favourite driver.

Favourite Cars

Turn the deceased's favourite car into a flower arrangement. Have the florist shape the arrangement to resemble the shape of the car. Pictures will help. Coloured flowers can replicate the colour of the car with the car's number represented in contrasting flowers. Add a banner to the arrangement with a phrase related to the car. For example, "Driving number three to eternity" or "54 for life, and beyond." Attach pictures of the car to the arrangement. Place models or replicas of the car within the flowers. Find magazine or newspaper clippings concerning victories achieved by the car represented and hang them from the bottom of the arrangement.

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