Fire evacuation regulations

Written by bianca bumpres | 13/05/2017
Fire evacuation regulations
Fire evacuation regulations must be adhered to promptly and properly. (Brushfire behind houses image by Marta Reimpell from

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stipulate what regulations are put on fire evacuation procedures in the workplace. The agency outlines these regulations per fire safety ordinances. All employees must be informed and trained on these regulations. Regulations must be followed for safe and orderly evacuation.

Action Plan

The fire evacuation plan must be put in writing according to OSHA and kept on-site. Plans may be communicated orally if an establishment employs fewer than 10 individuals.

Procedures of Action Plan

Emergency evacuation plans must include procedures for reporting a fire and exit route assignments. Persons designated to stay behind to handle operational procedures must have specific instructions in place since they may be the last ones to evacuate the building. Any employee who is responsible for handling rescue or medical duties must have a detailed plan to follow.

Alarm Systems

OSHA requires that employers maintain an alarm system. A fire alarm should be different from another emergency signal. These signals must also comply with OSHA requirements.


Employers must also designate employees to train others in the evacuation plan per OSHA regulations.

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