List of army basic training camps

Written by liz frazier | 13/05/2017
List of army basic training camps
The Army has five basic training camps in the U.S. (in the army image by Tomasz Pawlowski from

The Army has five basic training camps in the U.S. At these camps, recruits learn the basic skills that a soldier needs in the field to survive. The Basic Combat Training (BCT) program covers marksmanship, drill and ceremony, first aid, Army core values, and urban combat tactics. All five basic training camps use the same curriculum, though they vary slightly because the different camps focus on training soldiers for different tasks. BCT is the first crucial step of a soldier's career before he learns the specifics of his Army job at Advance Individual Training (AIT).

Fort Benning

Fort Benning is the home of Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT). The majority of Army soldiers attend BCT and AIT at two separate locations. But for some Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs), like infantrymen, BCT and AIT are combined into OSUT and take place at the same location. nfantry OSUT lasts 14 weeks. Recruits learn everything from BCT as well as infantry topics like defensive fighting positions, vehicle maintenance, and communications procedures. Only males attend OSUT at Benning.

Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson has one of the Army's two gender integrated BCTs. The motto for BCT at Fort Jackson is "Victory Starts Here." The program is conducted by two major units: the 193rd and 165th Infantry Brigades, each of which has five subordinate battalions. Most of the soldiers assigned to Fort Jackson BCT have MOSs in maintenance, personnel or finance. This basic training camp is the largest in the Army.

Fort Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood houses many of the Army's engineering forces and as a result, many of the construction MOSs are trained here. Leonard Wood conducts traditional BCT as well as OSUT for combat engineers and bridge crew members. During OSUT, these soldiers train together on demolitions, clearing obstacles, and building bridges. Military police also have an OSUT program at Leonard Wood. All of these programs are co-ed.

Fort Knox

Soldiers in the armour branch train at Fort Knox, which is not a gender integrated training camp. The program is conducted by the 194th Armored Brigade. There are two OSUT programs at Knox, M1 Abrams Crewman (19K) and Calvary Scout (19D). 19Ks learn about tank warfare and how to operate the M1 Abrams Tank in battle. Calvary scouts learn how to perform reconnaissance missions and support armour units.

Fort Sill

Soldiers who have a field artillery MOS generally take their BCT at Fort Sill. Their training is run by the 434th Field Artillery Brigade. The 434th has three subordinate battalions and one regiment. Soldiers who graduate from BCT at Sill generally move to another training unit on base for AIT.

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