Patio pond ideas

Written by michelle renee | 13/05/2017
Patio pond ideas
Man made patio ponds enhance your landscaping. (Pond image by Arlene Dicks from

Homeowners who take pride in creative landscaping can add a decorative touch to their lawns and gardens by building or enhancing a backyard pond area. Decorative aquatic landscaping techniques can add tranquil sounds, visual effects, plants or even wildlife to your garden no matter how large or small a yard you have, or what size pond you desire. Whether you are interested in a small still water pond or a large outdoor conversation piece, creative patio pond ideas can beautify your home and garden.

Pond Gardens

Patio pond ideas
Add aquatic plants to your patio pond. (water-lily image by Vasiliy Koval from

Plant lovers who have a natural pond or are building an oversized man-made pond can satisfy their love for greenery by creating a pond garden. By adding aquatic plants to any style of pond, you can create a lush water garden and oxygenate your pond water. Add water lilies, bog plants, marginals, or water pussy willows to your patio pond to give your landscaping a natural forest look. Many aquatic plants can be added to the soil around your pond to provide a more abundant effect.

Waterfall Ponds

Patio pond ideas
Recreate the natural outdoors with a stone waterfall. (waterfall image by cherie from

To create the soothing sound effects and visual movement of the natural outdoors, add a waterfall to any size backyard patio pond. Build a small rock formation at the desired end of your pond and conceal a small hose between the rocks with the open end protruding only slightly near the top of the formation. The other end of the hose is then connected to a water pump that circulates the pond water to activate the waterfall. Be sure to carefully conceal the hose and pump and waterproof the areas where electrical cords will be present to prevent damage or electric shock injuries.

Koi Ponds

Patio pond ideas
Koi ponds require daily maintenance. (Japanese koi carp image by Geoff Hobbs from

No matter what style pond you create in your patio, if it is of a larger variety and you are willing to put forth an extra bit of daily maintenance, you can turn it into a Koi pond. Koi fish are similar in appearance to a typical goldfish but on a much larger scale and able to be tamed, or trained to eat from your hand. Adding Koi fish to your patio pond can create a decorative Japanese-like appearance to your yard or garden. Keeping in mind that a large, deep pond may be hazardous to small children, you will want to take precautions if your pond is in an area where children play. Crystal clear water is essential to keeping a Koi pond so a quality filtration system is required.

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