Garden projects with large diameter PVC pipes

Written by hannah wahlig
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Garden projects with large diameter PVC pipes
PVC pipes can be refashioned into functional or decorative garden projects. (Pipes and more pipes image by rider from

Garden projects add unique elements of personalisation to a garden landscape, but projects don't have to involve expensive supplies or expert craftsmenship. Simple, functional and stylish projects using large diameter PVC pipes are just as useful and fun as projects that use more elaborate supplies, but they require a fraction of the cost and time. Not only will you be saving money, but reusing PVC pipes is also good for the environment.

PVC Bird Feeder

Create a simple bird feeder for your garden using a 1-foot-long section of 2-inch-diameter or larger PVC pipe. Secure the bottom end of the pipe with a threaded cap. Drill three small holes near the lip of the top edge of the pipe; connect three small lengths of thin chain to the holes using S hooks. Drill small holes around the pipe 4 to 6 inches up from the bottom. The holes should be approximately 1 inch in diameter. Optionally, you can drill additional holes nearer to the bottom of the pipe and fit small wooden dowels inside to serve as perches. Paint the bird feeder with acrylic or latex-based paints. Fill the bottom of the feeder with seed or a nectar soaked sponge. Connect the chains with a fourth S hook and hang the feeder from a branch in your garden.

PVC Greenhouse

Large diameter PVC pipes have enough supportive strength to serve as the frame and cross beams of a small home greenhouse. Connect several sections of 4-inch-diameter PVC pipe using 90 degree PVC joints or elbows with side inlets into the desired shape; simple rectangles or squares are the best options for this type of project. For a larger greenhouse, use two lengths of PVC connected with a T-joint; add horizontal cross-sectional support pipes at the side inlet of the T-joint for added structural support. Wrap the finished frame in clear plastic sheeting secured with staples or duct tape. A simple PVC greenhouse can be moved around a garden to provide protection to plants during frosts or cold spells.

PVC Trellis

A simple trellis offers vertical height to gardens that are largely horizontal. Use 2-to-4-inch-diameter PVC pipes connected with 90 degree elbow joints to create a simple frame. If the frame needs to stand on its own, use short lengths of PVC to create a rectangular base fitted with T-joints to secure the frame. For lighter climbing vines, like blackberry vines or English ivy, use floral wire to create cross sections between the two PVC support posts by wrapping the wire around the PVC. If you will be growing heavier climbing plants, like grape vines, create cross sections with 2-inch-diameter PVC connected to the support posts with T-joints.

PVC Fencing

Use T-joints to connect several short lengths of large diameter PVC to create a simple garden fence. Run one long horizontal section of PVC with several T-joints between two simple end posts made of PVC and connected with 90 degree elbow joints. Secure short sections of PVC to the inlet at each T-joint for a simple garden fence. Alternatively, drill large holes 3 inches from the top and bottom sections of several pieces of 2-foot-long PVC. Place the posts in the ground and thread long sections of smaller PVC through the holes to create a fence.

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