What Are the Model Colors for the Schwinn Sierra GS Bike?

Updated July 13, 2018

Schwinn Bicycles is an American bicycle manufacturing company founded in 1895. Among its many models---including urban, electric, kids, mountain and road bike styles---the company offers its Sierra GS line, a "bike path" bike geared toward riding on paved or gravel surfaces. Direct from the manufacturer, varying models of the Sierra GS come in a variety of colours. As of 2010, Schwinn offers current and previous model years for sale at its website.


The 2010 Sierra GS base model and the 2010 Sierra GS women's model come in white with black accents and a brown comfort-tuned plus saddle. This model year features a 21-speed SRAM drivetrain, aluminium frame and SunTour suspension. White is the only colour option for the women's 2010 model. The 2009 model Sierra GS base and women's models---built to the same specifications, with the exception of its MA-125 suspension forks---also come in the white colour option.


According to the manufacturer's website, Schwinn's 2010 Sierra GS base model also comes in black with white accents, with a stripe and the company's brand name printed on the frame. A black comfort-tuned seat accents this model. The 2008 Sierra GSD Women's style and the 2007 Sierra GSD also come in black colour options, while the 2008 Sierra GS is available in a lighter, pewter-hued black.


Schwinn's 2010 Sierra GSL and 2010 Sierra GSL Women's models, both 24-speed aluminium-framed bikes with SRAM X4 drivetrains and SunTour NEX 4110 suspension forks, come in a vivid blue colour option. White stripes and logos accent this blue colouration, while the bike's seat comes in black with a grey stripe.


The 2009 Sierra GSL model bike---a 21-speed drivetrain model with an ESP 3.0 Twist shifter, Schwinn N'Litened aluminium frame and an MA-125 suspension fork---comes in a bright red colour with white detail highlights. This bike's comfort-tuned saddle comes in black with grey accents. The 2009 Sierra GSL Women's model features the same colour options, while Schwinn's 2007 Sierra GS model comes in a dark, maroon-hued red in both base and women's styles.


Schwinn's 2008 Sierra GS Women's bike model comes in something of a light forest green hue. This is the only colour option for this model bike. The bike features an SRAM 21-speed drivetrain, a Schwinn N'Litened aluminium frame and a SunTour M2025 suspension fork.

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