Kitchen ideas for narrow kitchens

Even though the kitchen is considered one of the most lived-in areas of most homes, in some instances, it may also be the smallest room of the house. Many apartments or homes with secondary, utility-style kitchens have relatively small and hallway-like kitchens that may not seem suitable for regular use. The good news is that there are numerous decorative kitchen ideas for narrow kitchens that can transform that limited space into a creative and functional living area.

Keep Center Areas Clear

If you have a narrow, hall-like kitchen area in your home, keeping the centre walkway area clear can not only provide more efficient manoeuvring around the area, but also keep the area from appearing cluttered. Try to avoid any large bulky furnishings like large kitchen tables and chairs, and use your kitchen as a food prep area rather than for dining. If you need to create an eating area in a narrow space, choose a small dinette table with minimal chairs---two to four---and situate against the furthest wall for maximum free central space.

Bar Stool Seating

A resourceful idea for creating an eating area in a narrow kitchen is to forgo a kitchen table all together and incorporate a bar stool seating area instead. If you have considerable counter space with a significant amount of overhang, slide a few bar stools underneath your countertop to create a bar or diner-like effect. If you want a longer space for seating, install a countertop across the entire length of one wall and add multiple bar stools.

Extensive Shelving and Cabinetry

One of the main concentrations when decorating a narrow kitchen and emphasising functionality is avoiding large, free-standing furnishings. To conserve space and avoid crowding, install numerous shelves and cabinets from floor to ceiling around the walls of the room. Creating additional wall unit storage throughout your kitchen can eliminate the need for microwave stands, baker's racks and kitchen islands.

Mirrors and Glass

Install mirrored tiles and glass-door cabinets throughout your kitchen. This method of decorating does not aid in creating kitchen efficiency, but it does create the illusion of increased space. Mirror as much free wall space as you have or desire, and install glass doors on the front of your cabinets. The reflections that are cast from one to the other will add depth to the view of the room and create a wider and more open appearance.

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