Spiral Pattern Brick Patio Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Brick flooring is a great choice for an outdoor living space. It's a durable material with colour options ranging from red to grey and several variations in between. The spiral pattern is unique design, providing an opportunity to really stand out with a little bit of creativity.

There are two different brick spiral designs that can be done on a patio. A circle spiral design ultimately forms a large spiral circle design on the patio. Brick may also spiral directly around itself creating a very different pattern, almost like a larger brick or square shape. Ask your local home repair store which brick is better based on the design you have in mind.

Mix and Match

Choose two shades of brick to create a one-of-a-kind patio. Alternate shades as you create the spiral design. The spiral effect, combined with two-toned bricks, will be sure add character to any patio.

Brick and Gravel Patio

Other elements can be incorporated with the spiral brick pattern to create a unique patio. A brick and gravel design is a mosaic-like patio idea. Gravel is used to fill in between the brick pattern. Start at the centre of the patio and begin to weave the spiral brick pattern going out towards the edge of the patio. The key to this patio idea is to keep the weave loose so the loops do not touch. Once the spiral circle has covered the desired patio area, fill in the gaps with gravel. The gravel will also create a spiral shape inside the circle. The circle patio area should be outlined and framed by brick all the way around.


The focus of this patio idea is around the centre of the patio. The centrepiece of this design can be an appropriate pre-existing or new water fountain, garden, pond or any other outdoor item you would like to display. Lay the spiral pattern brick foundation around the desired patio circumference, and place your centrepiece in the middle. If you prefer, you can also place the centrepiece off to the side, though at that point it is no longer a centrepiece, but rather, a focus piece.

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