Ideas to jazz up closet doors

Updated March 23, 2017

Old, dull closet doors can be decorated in a lot of ways to achieve a modern and sophisticated look. You can spice up closet doors without the help of a professional interior designer. With just some creativity and a goal in mind, closet doors can be transformed into beautiful works of art.


Mirrors create a sense of increased light and space. However, they should be used carefully as they may create too much illusionary space. Try not use more than one large mirror which can also be used as a dressing mirror. Mirrors can also be used in a combination of different colours, shapes and sizes for a more elaborate look.


Painting a closet door can significantly change the look of a room. The door need not be painted with the same colour all over. With a comprehensive approach that takes into account the colour of the walls and the overall look of the room, decide which colours you want to use and how. There is also a wide variety of paints to choose from which give different surface finishes.


Wooden closet doors can be transformed by changing the colour of the stain. Staining can give your closet door a fresh, new look. Wood stain is inexpensive and comes in a large variety of colours. If your door is rough or uneven, you may want to sand it before applying the stain.

Arts and Craft

Large, plain closet doors, whether they're sliding or hinged, should be viewed as empty canvases. With some glue and other materials such as feathers, construction paper or fabric, you can turn your old closet doors into artistic creations. Attach the materials randomly or in elaborate patterns. Cover the entire closet door or just certain parts.


Print out your favourite photos, whether of you, friends or admired celebrities, and attach them to the closet door in whatever pattern you find appealing. Try putting them in circular designs or simply covering the entire door with pictures of the people you love or admire. Don't hesitate to write inspirational or funny quotes on the photos; keep the digital copies to print out an unmarred photo later.

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