German Made Plastering Tools

Updated February 21, 2017

Plaster construction began in what is now modern day Syria longer than 9,000 years ago. Over millennia new tools, both general and specialised, were created to better handle this versatile building material. Today, there are several tools used to manipulate plaster as a building tool and several of the highest quality come from German manufacturers.

The Karl Hagenbocker Tool Company

This family owned German tool company manufactures a number of high-quality smoothing trowels, scrapers and spatulas. Started by Wilhelm Hagenbocker in 1787 as a hammer works, the company quickly grew to include plastering tools. Now in its seventh generation of family ownership, the Karl Hagenbocker Tool company offers some of the highest-quality forged tools on the market in Germany and online. These tools are all hand forged in stainless steel with wooden or plastic handles and come in several sizes and shapes to fit every plasterer's needs without compromise. Hagenbocker sells trowels and spatulas in speciality shapes such as the trapezoid, the "Steinholz" which looks like the side of the Washington monument, and the serated square.

Karl Hagenböcker Tool Company Platz 65 D-42855 Remscheid Germany 011-0049-2191-80381

Eibenstock Tool Company

A popular tool company that sells in stores throughout Europe, the Eibenstock Tool Company makes an industrial-quality plaster finishing power tool called the Putzbearbeitungsmaschine EPG400. This tool, which looks like a disk sander, features three speeds (up to 60 rotations per second), a large wheel diameter, lightweight manufacture and soft non-slip anti-vibration grips. With multiple head attachments such as a rubber sponge, a grinding wheel, a sanding wheel and a texturising tool, this machine can strip, sand, or smooth over plaster as well as polish and create designs. The EPG400 costs from £325 to £390 in 2010 and includes all interchangeable heads for plaster finishing.

Anfahrt zu EE-Eibenstock Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH Eibenstock Auersbergstraße 10 D-08309 Eibenstock 011-03-77-52-50-30

Stock BIG Tool Company

This company sells a plastering machine that mixes and sprays plaster automatically. This machine, the Stock Big 1-400, handles all types of ready-mix plaster and features a Koellmann Handy K2 compressor, spiral pump (maintenance free or adjustable,) a cleaning shaft and mix cleaner and automatic pressure gauge. Cleaning tools are included with purchase. This company sells mainly in Germany, but international buyers can sometimes purchase units on their affiliate Prices on units range from £2,600 to £3,900.

Stock B.I.G Bujtbek 32-34 D-22962 Siek 011-04107-901-207

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