Serving Wench Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A serving wench was usually a pretty young woman or female servant that worked in a bar, enticed men and may have been a prostitute. Wenches are generally portrayed as lewd women carrying beer and flirting with men. As wenches varied based on culture and time period, you can choose from several types of wenches for a Halloween costume.

Pirate Wench

The pirate wench was by far the sexiest and most risque wench. The costume usually involves a short red dress with a peasant-style top and flared skirt. The dress should have a double lace-up velvet corset that pushes up the breasts. You can also wear knee- or thigh-length boots with lace stockings and a pirate hat with this outfit.

Oktoberfest Girl

For this costume, you will need a ruffled blouse, a short lace-up, blue or green and yellow jumper, thigh-length nylons, black shoes and a petticoat. The Oktoberfest wench should carry a tray with steins. For an authentic Heidi look, wear a long blond wig with braids.

Medieval Wench

Serving wenches in medieval times wore long flowing blouses and long flowing skirts. Serving wenches also had distinctive corset bodice vests that laced up in the front. Wenches wore aprons and serving bonnets with their hair up under a bonnet with ruffled edging. These women were generally bar maids, and may or may not have been enticing and attractive.

Village Wench

The village wench appears innocent, with a vixen undertone. This costume includes a long flowing skirt, a short blouse and a lace up short corset. The village wench should also wear a bonnet with her hair down.

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