Deodorants to Stop Sweat

Written by toni owen
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Deodorants to Stop Sweat
Excessive sweating can be controlled. (deodorant image by Allyson Ricketts from

Deodorants have antiseptic agents that make the skin more acidic, preventing bacteria from growing where the body sweats. Antiperspirants control perspiration by blocking sweat pores. Often the two are combined in products to control underarm odour and sweat. The alcohol in deodorant that helps prevents bacteria growth may stimulate sweating. Those who suffer from excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, know that the problem affects their faces, hands and feet, as well as their underarms.

Mild Roll Ons

Certain Dri Antiperspirant Roll-On is an inexpensive ($6 to £4 in 2010) mild antiperspirant for the feet, hands, underarms and face. It contains 12 per cent aluminium chloride, considered a clinical strength to block sweat pores. Applied at night to the underarms, it blocks the pores and inhibits the release of sweat. It also absorbs odour-causing moisture but is not an effective deodorant. A separate deodorant during the day may be necessary. Extra Strong Maxim Antiperspirant is recommended by dermatologists and clinics for uncontrollable underarm sweating for both adults and teenagers. With 15 per cent aluminium chloride in an aqueous solution, it is more expensive ($12 to £9 in 2010). As as a gel applied sparingly at night with a roll on applicator, each application can last up to 96 hours, with one bottle lasting up to three months. It may cause mild skin irritation.

Strong Roll-Ons

Drysol Extra Strength Roll-On is an expensive ($15 to £13 in 2010), prescription-only, roll-on deodorant . It contains 20 per cent aluminium chloride and works instantly. Applied once a day, it is a powerful topical solution for the underarms, hands, feet and between toes. Apply it to dry skin at night and wash off with water in the morning until sweating is under control, normally after two treatments, then use once or twice weekly. It may cause skin irritation.


Maxim Facial Wipes contain a mild deodorant and a mild astringent tto block the sweat pores while cleansing facial skin. Secure Wipes are available in strengths from one- to four-per cent. Many people start with the mildest wipes, as the stronger formulas can cause reddening, rash or irritation of the facial skin. If necessary, you can work up to a stronger solution until excessive sweating is under control.

Pills and Spray

Deodorite is an internal remedy for hyperhidrosis. Taken orally, it promotes the elimination of toxins from the body that cause sweating and body odour. Odaban is an aluminium-based topical spray you can apply in small doses to the face, hands, feet and sensitive areas of the body. It blocks sweat by plugging skin pores and causing the sweat to be rerouted to other areas of the skin where it evaporates. The plugs prevent aluminium from being absorbed by the body.

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