Types of Sofa Beds

Updated April 17, 2017

A sofa bed can be a useful piece of furniture, especially in a home that is small. Sofa beds are ideal for people who need to save room in their home but need an extra bed for overnight guests. Sofa beds come in a wide variety of patterns, materials and styles that can fit any decor.

Flip Over

The flip-over sofa bed does not have a separate mattress. The sofa seats flip straight onto the floor so that the foam on the back of the seat cushions becomes the sleeping area. Some models lie all the way on the floor so that even the back of the sofa becomes part of the bed. Flip-over sofa beds are easy to operate and make an ideal place for kids to sleep. If the people who are going to be using the bed have mobility troubles and find it hard to get up off the floor, then this may not be the best choice of sofa beds.

Fold Out

Fold-out sofa beds are usually the most expensive of dual-purpose sofas. They can be found with entire furniture suites incorporating matching chairs, love seats and other pieces of furniture. A fold-out sofa will feature a separate mattress of varying quality depending on the type, brand and quality of the sofa. They come in a variety of prices depending on how sturdy and comfortable the homeowner wants the bed to be.

With a fold-out sofa, the bed is the bottom of the sofa, and when the bed is needed, you pull a handle that unfolds the bed out of the bottom of the sofa. The bed will have foldaway legs that you put down to support the frame of the bed, which will sit at about the normal height of a regular bed. You will need to remove the linens and blankets before folding the mattress back into the sofa.

Drop End

A drop-end sofa bed can be an ideal solution for an efficiency apartment because it is easy to use and saves space, too. With the flip of a couple of levers, you can fold the arms or ends of the sofa down to create a large chaise longue. You can further manipulate the arms to create a single or small double bed.

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