Types of grass blades

Updated February 21, 2017

The overall feeling of a lawn or other grassy area is largely dependent on the average size of the individual grass blades. Different blade sizes provide different ground cover textures. Types of grasses are loosely categorised based on grass blade width. Other blade characteristics that influence the feeling of grass include the growth density and how stiff or soft they are.

Thin Blade

Grasses that have thin blades typically provide a ground cover with fine texture. Types of thin blade grasses include Bermuda grass, Zoysia and Kentucky bluegrass. Bermuda grass is a common turf grass, as it is hardy and grows densely. Zoysia, also called Japanese velvet grass, is a lush, creeping grass native to Asia. It is used more for landscaping than turf, but it is sometimes used for putting greens. Kentucky bluegrass is a popular, cool-season turf grass that, in some regions, will stay green all year long.

Medium Blade

Grasses with medium blades typically have a more neutral texture. Some types are soft and others are coarse. Lawn fescues are a common medium blade grass used in home landscaping. It establishes itself readily, grows slowly enough to prevent the frequent need to mow and will not spread. Pasture fescues also have medium blades, the difference being that lawn fescues grown in clumps and pasture fescues grow in single blades.

Wide Blade

Grasses with wider blades typically provide a coarse texture. Wide blade grasses such as carpet grass and St. Augustine are commonly used in the southern United States because they are well adapted to warm, humid climates. These wide blade grasses may not create the softest ground cover, but they are well suited for turf areas and are very low maintenance. Many types of annual rye grasses also have wide blades. They grow tall and fast and are appropriate for covering an exposed area or creating pasture feed quickly.

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