Window Treatments for Half-moon Windows

Updated February 21, 2017

Elegantly dressing a half-moon window requires creativity--or sometimes custom window treatments. Half-moon windows--also referred to as eyebrow arch windows--add architectural interest over a French door, a tall window or even placed alone in a room. These windows are a decorating challenge that is worth the effort.

Pleated Shade

A pleated shade offers an easy, non-custom way to dress a half-moon window. The shade comes in 48-inch and 72-inch sizes. It sits in a clear plastic holder and resembles a giant fan. Temporary arch pleated shades--made out of paper--provide an economical cover. More permanent pleated shades--constructed of fabric--are another option.

Custom Blinds

"Wood" blinds can be custom made to fit the dimensions of your window. The treatment, constructed from medium density fiberboard, which is a durable wood product, resists warping cracking and breaking--unlike traditional wood. These custom treatments come in sunburst arch, slatburst arch, movable arch and black-out arch styles. Arch window blinds especially complement Palladian windows, which have one central arch over two narrow rectangle windows. You can get custom blinds made to cover all parts of this type of window (See References 3).

Sunburst Sheer

A sunburst curtain will diffuse light and can be custom-fitted for your window. Flexible plastic tubing, which shapes easily to curve around the window opening, is inserted into the rod pocket at the upper edge. Drapery cord, inserted into the opposite casing, holds the gathers of the sheer material at the centre. A large rosette (fabric constructed to resemble a rose) assembled from the same material as the sheer curtain and located in the centre of the curtain finishes the treatment (See References 1).

Soft Arch

This treatment, also known as a cellular shade, covers super large half-circle windows as well as quarter-circle windows as small as 12 inches and as large as 144 inches. These soft drapery shades custom fit in two pieces that operate separately. They can be easily adjust to be completely open, closed or anything in-between.

Faux Stained Glass

Simulate traditional stained glass using a speciality paint designed for this purpose. Apply the paint, which you can get an your local hobby store, directly to the window. Simulated liquid leading outlines the stained glass paint.

Sketch a design on paper first. Tape the design to the outside of the window (with the design facing inside) so you can use it to trace the design. Clean the window then apply the leading first. When that paint dries, fill in the design with the glass paint colours of your choice (See References 2).

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