Mosaic Tile Crafts for Kids

Written by daisy cuinn | 13/05/2017
Mosaic Tile Crafts for Kids
A mosaic pattern made with square tiles. (Mosaic wall as backgroud image by TekinT from

Mosaic art goes back thousands of years. It's defined as a larger work of art made up of many smaller pieces. The pieces that comprise mosaic art can be cut glass tiles, shards of broken glass or ceramic, pieces of mirror, stones or found objects. While mosaic can be a very complex art form, it can be simplified to make children's crafts. To make constructing mosaic crafts for kids safe, use cut tiles, available at craft stores or online, rather than broken shards.

Stepping Stone

Purchase quick-dry concrete at home improvement and craft stores to make mosaic stepping stones. For a kid's stone, pour mixed concrete into a plastic square or round cake mould that's been greased with cooking spray. Children can then lightly press the tiles into the wet surface to make pictures that, when dry, can go outdoors in the yard or garden.

Picture Frame

Embellish an old picture frame or new blank frame by gluing individual tiles to the frame's surface one by one. Allow the kids to improvise the designs, or show them how to lay out the design first by tracing the frame onto a piece of paper to use as a guide.

Flower Pot

Turn old terra cotta flower pots into impressive handmade gifts by spreading a thick layer of tile grout, available in home improvement stores, directly on the pot and pressing tiles into the surface. Suggest designs such as flowers, stripes and dots. Use tiny pots for individual projects or a large pot to be decorated by a small group of kids.

Jewel Box

Blank boxes made of balsa wood make good bases for mosaic jewellery boxes that kids can make by gluing tiles to the lid and sides. For a more advanced craft, use plain latched wooden boxes such as cigar boxes, with tile grout to hold the tiles in place.


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