Hairstyle Fringe Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A fringe hairstyle, or fringe as they are called in the U.S., draw attention to facial features. Whether you cut the style yourself or go to a professional hairstylist the goal with fringe is to add flair to a hairstyle and accentuate certain features. Length, shape and cutting styles inform the look.

Different bang features can also be combined as well. Side swept or angled fringe can be combined with choppy fringe to match choppy hairstyles. You can achieve different hairstyle by playing with different types of fringe.

Straight & Sharp

Ideal for fine hair, straight fringe draw attention to the eyes and the face shape. Cut the fringe just below the eyebrows so the line of hair rests at the eyes. Do not angle or part the fringe. Instead, comb the hair straight down to the eyebrows. According to, the straight cut softens prominent facial features like sharp chins and wide foreheads. Consider adding volume by brushing the fringe with a paddle brush, a pillowy brush with extended bristles that massage the scalp. If your hair is not naturally straight or not naturally fine, use a straightener to add shine and smooth.

Side Sweep

The side sweep look requires you to grow your hair out a bit before styling. You want to be able to tuck the fringe behind or almost behind your ears. Comb the fringe to one side so that the fringe sweep across part of the forehead at an angle. Think about keeping the fringe light and feathery for a wispy look. Or, consider angling the fringe so that it covers half of the face. Let the fringe fall, or sweep them back with a clip or bobby-pin. This look adds elegance and drama to the face and highlights the lips and cheekbones.

Choppy Look

Introducing a casual, tousled flare to the face and hairstyle, choppy fringe show off separate pieces of hair scattered loosely on the forehead. Choppy fringe do not favour women and men with sharper chins, angular jawlines or larger forehead ares. Consider choppy fringe for heart, oval and round-shaped faces. When deciding on the cut, choose to cut and style the hair straight or to cut the fringe unevenly so the hair is longer and shorter above the eyebrows.

Long & Feminine

According to's fringe section, short styles benefit from voluminous fringe cuts. For a super-feminine look for thicker hair, think about fringe that fall just below the eyes in a long puffed style. Tuck the sides of the fringe neatly behind the ears and let the rest of the fringe rest on the face, where you can part it to one side or leave it swooping and loose. Add volume with a paddle brush or a flip with a curling iron. The long, voluminous style adds elegance and compliments smoky eyes, full lips, and covers a larger forehead space.

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