Symptoms of a Ford Excursion Fuel Pump Going Bad

Written by steven symes
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Symptoms of a Ford Excursion Fuel Pump Going Bad
A bad fuel pump will decrease fuel flow to the engine. (Refuelling by gasoline of the modern car image by terex from

The fuel pump in a Ford Excursion performs the necessary function of getting the fuel from the tank to the vehicle's engine so combustion can take place in the cylinders. Without fuel, the Excursion's engine will not run at all. If the fuel pump on your Excursion is going bad but has not completely failed, there are symptoms to watch for. Catching the problem early can help you avoid having your Excursion not run at all.

Hard Starts

Normally, a Ford Excursion should start up easily at the first turn of the key. If suddenly your vehicle is having trouble starting, the culprit could be the fuel pump. If the Excursion's engine can turn over but struggles to run, it could be that the decreased flow of gasoline is choking the engine. The engine may even run for a moment, then stumble to a stall and have to be restarted.

Rough Idle

Excursions with a failing fuel pump cannot maintain a smooth idle. If you are sitting at a red light or in a drive-through and notice the vehicle's engine seems to be working harder than normal to stay running, it could be a sign the fuel pump is going out. Also watch for the vehicle's RPMs to fluctuate up and down, as the engine idles, instead of maintaining a consistent level.

Acceleration Problems

Because of the decreased flow of gasoline to the engine, the engine may not be able to achieve enough combustion so the vehicle hesitates, when you press on the accelerator, before picking up speed. The Excursion's engine can even stall out during acceleration because the flow of gas is not enough to keep the engine running. As the engine stalls out, the low flow of gas will cause the engine to vibrate and sputter violently.


With the decreased flow of gasoline making its way into the engine, sometimes combustion cannot take place inside the engine's cylinders. Instead of burning in the engine, the fuel is combusted in the exhaust system, causing the Excursion to misfire.

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