Spanish Garden Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Spain has contributed a lot to North and South America. One of its many cultural exports is the unique garden design associated with Spain. One does not need to have residency in Spain to craft a Spanish garden. There are many tips and ideas that can help you create a Spanish garden that harks back to the mother nation of the design style.

Spanish Garden Features

Spanish gardens get their unique look by borrowing from various traditions. Islamic, Catholic, Moorish and even Persian aesthetics combine together with Spain's own culture to create Spanish gardens. Traditional gardens include water features, tiles, such as terra-cotta and clay, bright flowers, fruit trees and sitting areas.

Walkways and Sitting Areas

A great idea for creating a Spanish garden is adding a walkway with a sitting area. Spanish gardens traditionally feature a walkway in the form of a cross. Find terra-cotta tiles or cement paving stones and craft a walkway in the shape of a cross, with equal lengths. At the end of each section, place a bench or a garden chair. This mirrors traditional Spanish gardens that feature walking and seating areas. For additional usefulness, create a dining area by extending one of the cross arms and expanding it to an area of at least 6 feet by 8 feet; this will allow for the placement of an outdoor dining table.

Landscaping and Water Features

The cross walkway leaves four empty corners for landscaping. Use short, colourful, flowers and plants in the areas closest to the walkway. Dahlias, salvias, hostas and impatiens are ideal for this. As you get further from the walkway in the corners, use taller plants. Medium-height perennials, shrubs and fruit trees are ideal if you have the growing climate for them. Spanish gardens are replete with plants; however, the plants are always placed with the shortest near the walkways and the tallest in the back.

Water features are important in a Spanish garden. Find any type of water feature and place it near the sitting area most occupied. This will add to the Spanish appeal of your garden.


The addition of shading is another Spanish garden idea. Trellises and pavilions are common features of Spanish gardens. From a nearby garden centre or home-improvement store, purchase a ready-made pavilion or something similar to it. Place it over the dining area or one of the sitting areas. This saves time because you don't have to build it from scratch and it provides a shaded relief from the hot summer sun.

Additional Info

Spain is home to a warm climate. When choosing plants for your garden, remember that what grows in Spain may not be ideal for your climate. Adjust for your surroundings. Choose plants that are hardy in your region.

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