Traditional Spanish Children's Games

Written by monica dorsey
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Traditional Spanish Children's Games
Children play games in the streets of Spain. (Alpuente (Valencia) Spain image by Pakmor from

Something children have in common around the globe is a natural tendency toward spontaneous play. They use whatever is around them, form rules and begin organised play. Spanish street play has been the norm for generations. There are many similarities between traditional Spanish children's games and activities in the United States.

La charca

La charca, meaning the pool, is a variation on hopscotch popular in Peñafiel, Spain. Several circles are drawn on the concrete with chalk. One number is drawn in each circle. Players take turns announcing a number, then throwing a flat stone into the called circle. The player who makes the stone land in the correct circle, must hop in the circles until they reach the circle with the stone. They pick up the stone then hop back. If they are able to hop back without falling, they put their name in the circle. No one can then hop in the claimed circle but that player. The person with the most claimed circles at the end wins.

La Semana

The week, or La Semana, is played using a set of stairs. Six stairs are used with the first stair representing Monday, the second Tuesday and on up to Saturday, the sixth stair. One person is "IT" and stands on the floor calling days of the week. The players must race to the corresponding stair as it is called. When It calls "Sunday" the players must run to the ground then go back up to the first stair as quickly as possible. Whoever's foot "It" steps on when the players are on the ground is the next player to be IT.

Colour, Colorcito

Colour, little colour, is a twist on It Tag. All the players select a safe base, like a large rock or an area of a wall. One person is designated as IT and says, " Color, little colour" then names a colour. The rest of the players run around and look for something that is the colour named. Once an item is found they can run to "safe". IT runs after the kids and tries to tag one of them before they reach the safe base. The person tagged is the new IT.

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