50th birthday party invitation wording ideas

Updated March 18, 2017

Turning 50 certainly warrants a celebration of this important life milestone. The venue, the perfect cake and the decorations will all play significant roles in this special event, but the festivities get started the moment your guests open their invitations. Invitation word choice plays a key role in setting the party's tone.

Write your own

Stray from the traditional "over the hill" sentiments and pen a few original lines about the guest of honour and her achievements over the last half century. Or go straight for the geriatric jokes and use lines like, "Now that he's fifty, things are getting harder to lifty. But we still think he's nifty. Please don't bring a gifty." Once your poetic masterpiece is complete, check out sites like Vista Print and Fine Stationery to select the perfect invitation to frame your original prose.

Get help

If waxing poetic just doesn't resonate with you, feel free to get a little outside help on your 50th birthday invitations. Sites like Love-of-Poems have an entire section dedicated to 50th birthday poems and quotes to help you find the perfect wording for your birthday invitation. Quick search strings like "50th birthday poem" or "50th birthday invitations" will also help you find some appropriate invitation language.

All the details

Merely announcing the pending 50th birthday is only part of the invitation equation. You must also include details like address of venue, arrival time, dress code if applicable, RSVP information and if the party is a surprise for the guest of honour. Like all party functions, stipulating that children are not invited is a big etiquette no-no. When planning an adults-only function, simply address the invitation to the adults of the household.

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