The best paid jobs without a degree

Written by bonnie sludikoff | 13/05/2017
The best paid jobs without a degree
A university education isn't the only way to make a living. (Getty Thinkstock)

University is not for everyone. Some people can't afford higher education, while others just don't want to sit in a classroom for another four years after secondary school. Although going to university opens more possibilities for steady and high-paying employment, there are several jobs that pay well and do not require a degree.

Air traffic controller

The best paid jobs without a degree
Air Traffic controllers play a vital role in keeping the sky safe. (plane image by JASON WINTER from

Coming in at slightly more than £65,000 a year, air traffic control is a good career for someone articulate and detailed who is a great team player. Air traffic controllers make sure planes are on course and that the traffic in the sky remains safe. Pursue this career early because controllers without experience must be under 30 years old. The position requires a training program, but it's worth it because it tops the chart as one of the most lucrative careers that doesn't involve a four-year degree.

Funeral director

The best paid jobs without a degree
A funeral involves a lot of work. (thai coffin image by Adrian Hillman from

For those who aren't squeamish, try undertaking a career as a funeral director. This position rakes in close to £52,000 a year. Although some pursue this work through a degree, there are other ways into the business--for instance, through apprenticeship. Funeral directors must be licensed, and up to 13 per cent are self-employed. Funeral directors certainly earn their pay, handling all logistics involved with a funeral--writing obituaries, planning and organising services, and often embalming the bodies of the deceased.

Gaming manager

Working in a career focused on competition and leisure, gaming managers earn approximately £42,250 a year. A gaming manager oversees operations and ensuring that games are handled according to the rules.

Computer support specialists

The best paid jobs without a degree
Many people need help working their computers. (computer image by blaine stiger from

The computer industry is always growing, and there are several jobs for those with an affinity for technology and the capability to troubleshoot. This career does not require a degree. Specialists pursue education in computer science or pick up information on their own. Professionals must be licensed or pass tests within companies, but the way into this business is purely up to the individual employee. Computer support specialists can expect a salary in the mid-£40,000s. Those who provide in-person service find that employment is steady. However, for those who work only via phone or Internet, outsourcing puts jobs in jeopardy. Many computer companies have a network of employees working in India and other faraway places for cheaper wages. As computers continue to become more complex, staying up-to-date on technology and networking keeps computer support specialists in a job.

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